About us

About us

Spark is a part of the World Leading Schools Association.

The World Leading Schools Association is a member driven, international education non-profit that aims to bridge where east meets west in international education. It is a joint educational foundation which aims to promote cooperation and academic exchange and culturally broadening programs between leading associate secondary schools in the world as well as experts in the field of higher education and college counseling. Connecting with WLSA gives you access to a network of over 50 leading schools around the world. Join our mission to help guide the next generation of effective global leaders.

As a member of the WLSA, our goal is to provide wider access to cutting edge curriculum from our community members to learners all around the world. We take advantage of our global network of educators and student leaders to democratize international education by inviting students from a wider range of backgrounds into our digital classrooms and community. Spark enables schools to provide their students with new learning opportunities outside of their regular curriculum and to higher standards of excellence.

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