Cross-Cultural Leadership Program

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The Cross-Cultural Leadership Program (CCLP) is designed to nurture leadership skills in students. Over 2 terms online and a capstone offline, students develop leadership competency across several important categories of knowledge, abilities, attitudes, and behaviors. Among competency areas, the ability to work in complicated cross-cultural settings is a vital one in the 21st century. Leading in such contexts is especially challenging. The program will, therefore, dedicate considerable time to the intersection of leadership and cross-cultural competence.

The online program will also guide and teach students how to identify challenges in their school and community and develop ways to address them. Over the course students will work with dedicated mentors, teachers at WLSA Associate schools, to support students throughout their projects and course requirements.

CCLP also includes all students and mentors to meet during the Capstone at a different location every year. The development of practical skills culminates here as students put their learning to action and work with fellow participants from all over the world.

Target Audience

Students from WLSA Associate Schools.
Applicants Age: 15-18
Interested in: culture, leadership and taking action

There are 2 terms in total plus the participation of the capstone required for the program.

Term 1 (10-week online course)
Term 2 (10-week online course)
Capstone (1-week program)

Professional Development

Personal development outcomes from completing the capstone include: Improved self-knowledge and experience with mentor, leadership competencies, cultural competence, networking skills, global network of fellow student leaders, real-world knowledge and application of international project work.

The Program

Number of courses required: 3
Total units: 20 + Capstone
Estimated cost online course: Free for WLSA associate school students
Estimated cost Capstone: 800 euro (excluding flights)
Time to Complete: 24 weeks

Previous edition
CCLP Capstone debate - Aug 2016 - Jeju, South Korea
CCLP Capstone debate - Aug 2016 - Jeju, South Korea
CCLP Capstone debate - Aug 2016 - Jeju, South Korea